Welcome To Calvary

Simply Teaching The Bible Simply

Welcome you to Calvary Chapel of Saline County Online.

We’ve designed this website to do two things.
First off, to reflect a picture of what we’re like as a body of believers in Jesus Christ. Secondly, to provide you with resources like sermons, study materials and links for prayer, as well as information about our ministries, upcoming events, and news of our church family.

Transparent Reality

So, what makes Calvary Chapel of Saline County unique?

We are striving to fill in the gap & operate as a part of the Body of Christ in the capacity God has called us by approaching Church Culture in a distinct manner. We practice a combination of heart-felt praise and worship, a comprehensive and intelligent study of the scriptures and a “come as you are” attitude.

If I had to choose one word to describe it, it would be transparency.
While many congregations are about adding new members by “putting on a good face,” our body is more about being straight forward, honest and open. If someone is having a bad week, they’ll “open up” and tell you... And that includes me.

Pastor Perfect?

Far from it! In fact, even while teaching on Sunday morning I want the people listening to realize that I encounter the same struggles, trials and tests as they do. Just because I’m standing up on a platform with a microphone doesn’t mean I’m any better, stronger or more important than anyone else in the congregation. Our focus should be on the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

The Opening Act for God?

And that goes for the worship team, as well. When the band plays, they’re not trying to be rock stars. They’re trying to praise God and spur the congregation to do the same. And when we respond, we aren’t praising the band, we’re worshiping Jesus Christ!

Bible Study or Church Agenda?

Our approach toward the study of scripture is different, as well. Most church sermons are designed to be short, thematic, and often reflect a church’s agenda over the meaning of the passage.

I see my role differently. It’s not my job to tell you what to think. My responsibility is to simply teach what’s there in context, “line upon line, precept upon precept” and then get out of the way to let God’s word and the Holy Spirit work in your life.

So, what’s there? The sermons are designed to cover each passage in a comprehensive manner, breaking down the meaning from a historical, linguistic, cultural and emotional perspective. Allowing every word to become an applicable tool in your life

Our Heart's Desire

At Calvary Chapel of Saline County it is our desire to worship and study the Word of God, fellowship together; then leave the church building ready to live based on what we’ve learned.

That being said, I hope that by using this site, you can be a part of that process; to not only find answers, but also give us an opportunity to connect with you through the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.