Simply Teaching The Bible Simply

At Calvary Chapel we encourage members to use their talents for the glory of God!

Whether your gifts are as a musician, a children’s church teacher, maintenance specialist, prayer partner, or small group leader, we believe everyone can use their individual talents to serve the Body of Christ.

Our ministries include:

Children’s Ministry

Our children's ministry is the fastest growing ministry in our body. Being a family friendly church, we welcome new kids on a weekly basis.

For this reason we need dedicated adults committed to a combination of supervision, patience and focus on biblical instruction to join this team in the following positions:

•Nursery Attendant

•Sunday School Teachers (Pre-K to 5th Grade)

•Middle School Teachers (6th to 8th Grade)

Grounds Keeper

We want visitors to our church to feel good about the experience from the moment they drive into our parking lot.

For that reason this ministry is a very important one.

It involves maintaining the outside of our church facility. This includes mowing, removing trash etc


The Body of Christ needs all kinds of ministers. Sometimes the least glamorous position is the most important.

Custodial ministers are vital to our body. That means that folding chairs, mopping floors or cleaning bathrooms is just as important and teaching from the pulpit or playing in the worship band.

In fact, the pastors of Calvary Chapel believe in leading by example, so don't be surprised if you show up to help clean and find them taking out the trash.

Worship Team

Whether you play guitar, keys, sing, or play drums, our rotating schedules gives all qualified musicians a chance to join the worship team on Sunday mornings; to lead our congregation in songs of praise to God.

Physical Plant

This ministry involves improving the church experience for every man, woman and child in our congregation.

It involves the inside maintenance of the church and may include painting, new construction, floor maintenance and more.

Bi-Monthly Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting (see calendar) at 7 PM

The leadership at Calvary Chapel of Saline County takes a holistic approach toward home study groups. We are about the businesses of equipping leaders for this bi-monthly meeting. .

These meetings are designed to be the intersection point where the apostle's doctrine, fellowship, the breaking of bread and prayer come together.

We welcome qualified teachers who can lead bible studies, prayer, communion and small group worship.

In addition, volunteers willing to host these meetings in their homes are always appreciated.

Men's Bible Study 

"Guy Thing" is held on the 1st Friday of every month at 7 PM (see the calendar for more details).

Healing waters Ministries

We form a volunteer crew one Sunday every month to help with this important outreach ministry.

Angel Tree

Every Christmas we sponsor  a couple families through this important ministry.

Joining the Ministry Staff

As a general rule, we allow congregation members to join the ministry staff after being a part of our fellowship for, at least six months.