Church Culture

Simply Teaching The Bible Simply

Calvary Chapel of Saline County has a very different culture than most traditional churches.

As you arrive, there probably wouldn’t be anything remarkable on first glance. It looks like an old church building. This is because…it’s an old church building.

As you move inside, the bathrooms are to the left and the sanctuary is to the right.
If you need help getting children to classes or any other need, please ask anyone standing around. If they don’t know the answer, they should be able to direct you to someone who does.

Our dress is usually very casual (dressing up is great; we just don’t do it much).

There is a LOT of musical equipment on the platform. Music is a very important part of the worship of this community. Our musical style would be categorized as contemporary. It’s mostly rock and roll. It’s kind-of loud. We desire our worship to be demonstrative and deeply felt toward God. At the same time, the lyrics should engage the mind. In this way, we worship with the whole person – mind, body and spirit.

Our teaching style is, for the most part, a verse by verse book by book approach. We believe that a lot of the confusion in doctrine can be cleared up by an honest assessment of the scripture in context.

We hold in high esteem the idea of, “Simply teaching the bible simply.” The vast majority of the bible is written as complete stories or letters, not meant to be viewed as individual platitudes or “rules.” The whole word of God, both old and New Testament is in reality a spiritual picture of Jesus Christ. We will not get the whole picture unless we know the whole word.

After our worship time is over, we like to hang around for a while and just be together. The church is described in the bible as a family. We have a very “family” feel at Calvary Chapel.


We know this brief synopsis won’t answer all questions. Please feel free to e-mail or call. Contact info is included on the main page. Or, better yet, just come by and see for yourself.  Thanks again for your time.